Newly Opened Walter Plantz Square

On September 19th , 2015 St. Maarten welcomed another attraction to the downtown area, the Walter Plantz Square.

Walter “Plantz” Williams was a fishing legend. He was also a long-time resident of Down Street.  Walter Williams was nicknamed “Plantz.” Walter used to go to the Plantz Plantation in Belvedere where he would go out hunting with members of the Plantz family. His friends in Down Street gave him the name “Plantz” after he spent so much time up at the plantation.

The opening of the square was celebrated with day long events. A jetty was also premiered, allowing for a new location where cruise passengers can come to land.

I wasn’t there for the whole day of celebration. So I didn’t get that many good shots. I got the first shot as the children ran through the water fountain. The second picture is from a few days after, because I thought I needed a better picture to show you guys.





IMG_2712_Fotor1gcy2015-09-24 11_Fotor wlogo







Want more information of Walter Plantz and the square? Here ya go,

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