Dominique Hodge of PRfect Moments


GCY: What is your line of work/ what do you (your company) do?

DH: PRfect Moments focuses on Public Relations and Marketing Services as well as Event Planning

GCY: What made you choose this line of work?

DH: I have always been interested in working behind the scenes to make something come together that was previously a thought/ dream and marketing promotes that idea and helps to make it a success

GCY: How long have you been doing this?

DH: I got involved in events about twelve years ago and marketing about nine to ten years ago

GCY:  What inspires you to continue this work?

DH: I love seeing people enjoying themselves at an event that I helped put together and my clients satisfaction when they reach their goals

GCY: What are some recent (or the last) projects you’re working on?

DH: At the end of the summer I was busy with Da Goodness Summer Madness which is a series of events organized by Deviage Entertainment. I am currently working on an event for August 2016.

GCY:  Where do you see yourself (the company) in the next five years?

DH: Working on an international project

GCY: Why do you think someone should choose your company versus the competition?

DH: I believe in bringing the client’s dream to life in the most cost effective manner while still bringing a wow factor. I believe in supporting my client fully while keeping a realistic mindset to accomplish the goal


GCY: What words of inspiration do you have for someone trying to establish themselves?

DH: Keep working hard, there will be tough days and you may want to quit but you never know what is just around the corner.

GCY:  What’s your life motto (if you have one)?

DH: This too shall pass. Enjoy the good times while you can and remember that even in the toughest times, the bad won’t last forever and you will be stronger

GCY: How would you like your work to be remembered?

DH: I am very passionate about my work and I give my all and I just want others to appreciate the attention to detail

GCY: Would you like to leave any additional comments?

DH: Be confident and don’t take no for an answer


12063871_472867096224074_7325799300846309160_nDid she spark an interest? Want to get in contact with this PRfect Moment creating company? Check her out on social media!

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