Talent Showdown 2015

So… this year was the first year that I attended Teen Times*’ ‘Interscholastic Talent Showdown**. I don’t think I had been to one in about 10 years and boy did I feel old.

the hardworking staff of Teen Times, headed by Mr. Michael Granger
the hardworking staff of Teen Times, headed by Mr. Michael Granger

Feeling old aside, it was a pretty good night. The event was held at the Westin Hotel. By the time I got there I was hungry and needed to eat. So I missed the acting category because I was eating. But I caught the rapping, singing, individual dance and group dance categories. And as I knew before, but was reminded, no one can say that my island doesn’t have any talent. My personal preference is the dance competition ( I think i was a dancer in a past life).

There were so many teens there! I was blown away. Though I’m not sure why. There were probably just as many of us attending when I was that age. I’m also  pretty sure I was just as annoying tryna be cute as I hung out with my friends.


Winners of 2015 Interscholatic Talent Showdown 2015
Winners of 2015 Interscholastic Talent Showdown 2015

If you’d like to see pictures of the performances you can check out my Facebook page, GCY Travel. And videos coming soon to my Youtube channel, GCY Travel.


*Teen Times – Monthly newspaper put out for the youth by the youth of St. Maarten, persons in the high schools.

** Interscholastic Talent Showdown – Talent competition among the high schools on the island.

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