Island Revelers Present: Birds of Paradise


January 10th was the launch date of ‘Birds of Paradise,’ the first troupe presented by newcomers Island Revelers.

As the name suggests, Birds of Paradise is inspired by paradise. I know…I’m being vague. Basically, we consider where we’re from to be paradise. So, Birds of Paradise is inspired by the Caribbean and the different birds you’ll find on the different islands.

For the costumes they channeled the pheasant, peacock, hummingbird, yellow bird, flamingo, robin and macaw. As with any costume for Carnival, each one is full of color and life and quite a bit of skin.

Drink specials of the night included 2 for 1 on Ciroc drinks. Ciroc was one of the main sponsors of the event, along with Mabeline SXM. So guess  what I was drinking. I had me some orange juice with Ciroc Pineapple and it was so good. So good that it may become a go to drink, like my mojitos.

And of course to give it the full Carnival feel there were musical performances by King Melody and Roxxy.

JBP_8318My night ended with Roxxy performing her 2015 hit song “Posse.” It was a good night of relaxing and enjoying the vibe of Sky Lounge, Ciroc Pineapple and hanging out with Laser 101’s Suppa and Dee.







Check out video of the event here.

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