St. Maarten Abandoned – a new Photo Series

Check out Part One of what I’m thinking will be a pretty awesome series.

The Traveling Island Girl

St. Maarten Abandoned

I’ve always been fascinated by ruins and abandoned buildings. From a very young age I used go around my birth island of Curaçao, in search of ruins of what once were majestical places. To me these buildings or rather what is left of them, represent what once was and could one day be again. They hold memories of eras long gone. Some represent ancient evil like slavery, abuse and even murder. However, I choose to only see the beauty in these old buildings and I choose to hope that one day they will be restored to their former glory.

So I set off in search of St. Maarten’s past, husband in tow. It took some convincing but he relented and joined me in my quest. What follows is a beautiful photo series I want to introduce to my blog: St. Maarten Abandoned. I hope you enjoy it.

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