The Dirty 30s are here!!

I should mention that this is the year of the ‘Dirty 30.’ A lot of my friends and I are turning 30 this year. So I’m prepared for the parties. So following my family fun time it was time for my friends’ fun time, with two different parties to go to.

The first get together was at Zoo Rock Cafe, a recently opened bar/restaurant that I hadn’t been to yet. I’d been meaning to and De gave me the perfect reason. We met up for drinks and had a good time for a few hours. The inside oIMG_0915f the restaurant was really cool. There were lots of “animals”, a river running through the place and the DJ was locked in a cage! *insert a shocked face here.* So he wasn’t really locked in the cage but it was still pretty cool. The drinks were pretty decent and the pricing was about what you normally pay for a drink at a club. The only thing I found weird was the payment system. When they deliver your drink to you they also bring you your bill for the drink. I don’t know if they do it with the food too but I thought it a bit weird. Maybe it’s a new trend or they just do it at places I’ve yet to visit.

Just before party number one ended I began party number 1.5. As the clock struck 12 I sang my fiance the happy birthday  song and proceeded to make sure everyone at the party knew it was his birthday. He tried to keep it hush hush but I’m a lover of birthdays so that didn’t work out well for him.

birthday people

Then from one party to another. My other friend, Crystial, decided to celebrate her birthday with an old school vibe. She threw her party at a community center and created the atmosphere of parties held during high school. Only this party had alcohol, of course. It’s what we in the Caribbean call a jam, equivalent to the American “house party.” There was friends, music, drinks and a feeling that you’re able to hit a few dance moves you haven’t in awhile.

My fiance had himself a quiet birthday. No big hoopla like I’d want to do but he enjoyed his day. By the time the weekend was over I needed another weekend to recover before heading back to work on Monday.

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