D’Antoinette Sorton and Michel Roger of Enable Holistic Occupational Therapy Clinic



GCY: What is your line of work?

DS: I’m an Occupational Therapist. I work within my company: Enable NV. It’s an occupational therapy clinic whereby all occupational therapy services are completed.

MR: I’m a Logistician. By freeing up D’Antoinette from background tasks, like: Finance, Administration and Logistics, D’Antoinette has more time for clients. Clients immediately experience a high(er) level of service/ friendliness because of this.

GCY: What made you choose this line of work?

DS: I love that occupational therapy is holistic and that it encompasses the entire person and not just one aspect. This allows me to have significant breadth and depth of knowledge of health and wellness. It also allows me to assist and treat many different people with many different conditions in many different ways.

MR: My background is Business Administration. I enjoy applying logic and numbers in such a way that a business may flourish, no matter the type of business.

GCY: How long have you been doing this?

DS: The clinic has been open since 2014 however I’ve been an occupational therapist since 2012.

MR: Since 2005. I’ve been in various management positions for the past decade now. Every position came with its unique challenges. And with every experience I try to better equip myself for the next challenge.

GCY: What inspires you to continue this work?

DS: My clients inspire me. They challenge me to stay up-to-date on the latest research and create new treatments; ensuring that therapy remains fun and interesting.

MR: The clinic inspires me. Despite the fact that Enable NV is a relatively small clinic, we are here to do big things. Helping people regain their independence is an immense task on our part.

GCY: What are some recent (or the last) projects you’re working on?

DS: Last year Enable launched the #LessScreen, More Play! Campaign. In an effort, to get the children outside playing once again and away from the screens. Enable NV has seen a decrease in development in children under 12 years because of this sedentary lifestyle they have adopted. This year we are continuing with the theme in a new campaign #TheyMustGetUpToDevelop. This time aiming at not only the parents but also at the teachers. It is essential for children to get up and be active. Asking them to sit and focus, without recess, is not only unhealthy, but it is also impossible. Recess and play are both essential for children to focus within the classroom.

MR: In addition to D’Antoinette’s comment: remember growing up? We didn’t have all the fancy gadgets that are readily available today. We were outside a lot more, got dirty and were fine. But playing outside was also part of our development.Unfortunately we see what lack of development through play can do to children. With our campaigns we aim to bring awareness and ideas to the table. We hope to get the children back on the right track.

GCY: Where do you see the company in the next five years?

DS: I see Enable NV expanded with an additional occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant.

MR: I see Occupational Therapy (and all paramedical services) on the island on a higher platform, which will benefit us all as a community.


GCY: Why do you think someone should choose your company versus the competition?

DS: Because Enable employs the client-centered and holistic approaches. We see each person as a whole individual and treat them as such. Each person has the time to sit down, voice their concerns and work with me to develop their treatment plan and goals. It’s all about the client.

MR: At the moment, there is no competition. We collaborate with all paramedical parties, in the interest of the client.

GCY: What words of inspiration do you have for someone trying to establish themselves?

DS: Coming out on your own is difficult. However, make sure that whatever you do, you are the best at it and you have a passion for it. There will be a lot of rejections, before you are accepted, but keep at it and don’t give up.

MR: In business, hard work pays off. Always be honest and fair. That way you don’t lose time maintaining multiple versions of the truth.

GCY: What’s your life motto?

DS: The truth hurts, but it’s the best option.

MR: Luck favors the prepared.

GCY: How would you like your work to be remembered?

DS: As always taking the time out to assist those in need, even if it was a small gesture.

MR: As a positive mark on society.

GCY: Would you like to leave any additional comments?

D’Antoinette & Michel: Please do visit our website at www.EnableNV.com and contact us, if needed.


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