Celebrating life at the SXM Zoo

St. Maarten has one zoo. It’s not very big but within recent years has gone through renovations and upgrades. So when my goddaughter was celebrating her 5th birthday and my funds were limited the zoo seemed like an awesome idea.

It created memories rather than simply a toy she’ll play with for a while then forget about. And I got to be the cool godmommy and score those points.

So we got there and from the beginning she was into the animals. Our first stop was to where the snakes were and then it was time for food. Because while the kids (my goddaughter and her sister) wanted to play the adults were already hungry. So we ordered food and the kids played at the playground while we waited for it to be cooked.

My goddaughter, a tiny ball of energy

After we were all fed we walked around the zoo to see the animals. We saw iguanas, parrots, monkeys, peacocks and other animals I either can’t spell their names or don’t remember right now.


We stayed until closing time, because of course kids being kids they didn’t want to leave. Within the the two and a half hours we were there they made friends with two other sets of children. I admired this being that I still have a problem meeting new people. But it was so awesome seeing them just playing and enjoying themselves (and tiring themselves out).


If you’re interested in visiting the zoo the feel free to check out their FaceBook page or their Website.

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