Island life – Electricity

Disclaimer: This post is titled “Island Life” but I can only speak for my island. I do not know how it works on other islands in the Caribbean.

Living on an island. When you think about living on an island you usually think sun filled days, relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous beaches. What you don’t think about is, ” I wonder how well the electricity works?” This isn’t a thought because in most places electricity isn’t something you actively think about. It’s like the air. It’s just always there.

So one of the things that I’ve had to reacquaint myself with after moving back home… electricity outages. For the six years that I lived in the US the electricity only went out once. I’m not an engineer and have no idea how it’s all put together so that I have lights on and I’m okay with that. But every now and then, for one reason or another, the lights aren’t on anymore. And when the lights go out you usually expect it to be gone for at least an hour.

It can happen while you’re at work, out eating with friends, or at home. It can happen early in the morning  or just before it gets dark. Pretty much when it’s going it’s gonna go.

So when thinking about your move to the Islands, if that’s been a thought in your mind, consider the electricity. The difference in price compared to where you’re moving from and the stability compared to where you’re moving from.

After a few days of dealing with outages I just need to put pen to paper (so to speak). I believe the electricity company does what it can but it does become frustrating. Especially if you’re a pregnant woman that looks forward to enjoying laying in front of the fan when you get home.

No power = no fan = grrrrr.

my neighborhood one night that the electricity was out.

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