My cousin the Queen

The name just says everything, doesn’t it? Let me give some details.

Remember I mentioned having a competitive family? So that translates into different aspects. We also take part in pageants. My 10 year old cousin currently holds two crowns from two different queen shows. We wont talk about the other cousin, Ms. Matthew- York, that has, I’m gonna say, six crowns to her name. 1929895_552738690121_6172_n



This cousin is currently cousin number four to take part in a Queen show. See your left and right for the other three. They all hold crowns and fought fiercely to get them.


Then comes cousin number four, Ms. Jerinelle Louisa. Her first pageant was a neighborhood pageant, The Belvedere Community Foundation Pageant. She stepped onto that stage nervous but shinning.


The next pageant that she took part in was the Little Miss St. Martin Pageant. This time she was a bit more prepared mentally for what was to come. Again, she touched the stage and shined remarkably.


Now with this pageant bug in her system it was time to go after another crown. She set her sights high on what is probably the toughest pageant on the island, Carnival Queen.  Carnival Queen shows are by no means easy. They’re always tough and always come down to two, maybe three, girls that you’re trying to figure out who will win it.


She went up. She did outstanding. But sadly, she did not take home this crown. It was neck and neck between her and another contestant (honestly, that’t not my bias speaking). The other contestant won and Jerinelle placed first runner up, which is honorable in itself. And while we hoped she’d win (because we really like to win) I think her loss was a blessing in disguise.


She won her other pageants. Blew everyone else out of the water. There was no question that she had won those other two. But her loss now serves as a teachable moment. Not everything will work out how you want it to regardless of how much work you put into it. It also allows her to feel what it’s like to not win that crown. I’m sure it wasn’t a nice feeling but it still was a lesson that needed to be taught.


So although she didn’t officially win she remains our queen. Queen Jerinelle. And I am so looking forward to see where her next venture will take her. Nothing’s been announced but I’m highly doubtful that this will be the last time we see Ms. Louisa in the public eye.

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